commercial solar powerMany people are switching to solar as their main source of power because of the economic and environmental benefits. In fact, Australia is fast becoming one of the leading countries in the world for households relying on clean energy.

If you’re considering whether or not to take the plunge into panels, you might be interested to know that the efficiency of your solar cells is dependent on the orientation and tilt, the number of daylight hours your panels will see, the intensity of the sunlight, and the number of hours of full sun, versus overcast days. That’s great news for Adelaide, which has some of the higher levels of average daily production of solar cells in the country.

There are two main types of residential solar power installations, and they are the grid connect system and the stand-alone system. The grid connect system unites your solar panel installation with the main electricity grid. By feeding energy back into the grid through your meter, you create more shared power and your energy company will normally reward you for it.

The stand-alone system is off the grid and uses the solar panels to charge a battery storage bank, which will give power to your house or business. A generator is often kept available to ensure the battery system is backed up.

EASE Solutions are experts in the field of solar energy and solar systems, and they will be able to talk you through the most efficient system for your home or business. The friendly and professional team will find a system tailored to your energy usage and budget, and they offer the latest technology in greener energy solutions.

Solar energy is the greenest and cleanest source of renewable energy, and the best part is that once you install solar panels, you will slash your carbon emissions, slice your electricity costs, cut pollution, and you’ll be joining South Australians who are contributing to a clean energy revolution.

A common misconception about solar power is that it is very expensive and not very accessible. Due to the surge in people choosing solar power as an option for their home and business, joining the solar revolution is not as costly as you might think. The cost of producing and installing solar systems has dropped dramatically in the past decade. Because many people are opting to switch to solar energy, the market is becoming competitive, which is pushing prices down.

Choosing solar is a long-term investment, which will start saving you money the moment you have it installed, and most solar systems will pay for themselves in only a few years, with the remaining financial benefits going on much longer. Solar will also increase the value of your home as more and more South Australians realise the benefits of solar panels.

Get in touch with the team at EASE Solutions today to talk about your transition to solar power and enjoying a brighter future with clean, cheaper, more sustainable energy.